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Walk the Stourbridge Way

Club Rules


1. Leaders have the right to cancel rambles in exceptional circumstances but must inform the relevant Walks Secretary and make every effort to inform potential walkers.


2. Leaders shall take every precaution to avoid trespassing.


3. Club members and temporary members should be aware that rambling is not hazard-free. Leaders shall pioneer their rambles, assess potential risks and make every effort to minimise the hazards of the route and forewarn participants.


4. Dogs are not allowed on rambles.


5. If a leader is unable to be present, he or she is expected to find a competent substitute leader and he or she must notify the relevant Walks Secretary of the change.


6. The playing of sound reproduction systems on rambles is not allowed.


7. Passengers travelling in another member’s car must bring a change of footwear and a bag for their dirty footwear.


8. Members accepting lifts must each pay the driver, on the day, the amount specified by the Club as a contribution towards travelling costs, based on mileage.


9. Members on rambles should follow the country code.


10. Members on rambles should take every care to minimise hazards.


11. Leaders reserve the right to refuse to take anyone they consider to be unsuitably equipped or insufficiently experienced for their walk.


12. Parents and/or guardians shall be fully responsible for the safe custody of their Junior Members while on any Club walk or activity.


13. For Club social events and holidays, members will be given priority; if places remain unfilled, the organiser(s) may open the event up to partners and guests of members.


14. These Rules are effective from 15th March 2012.




At least one person on a walk should carry a working mobile phone for use in emergencies.


If needed you should call 999.


If you have a poor signal you can try sending a text (you will need to register first to use this - text 'register' to 999).You need to know where you are - the call handler will not be able to tell.


When abroad in EU countries and some others, 112 will get you the local emergency services.112 will also work in the UK but will simply connect you to 999, it offers no advantages over 999.

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